Betting Strategies

Football Betting Systems

Watching football brings a lot of positive emotions to millions of fans around the world. Most of them are tempted to bet on those football matches expecting to make big profits. What is better than after a great derby game like La Liga El Clasico Real Madrid vs Barcelona wins some cash? The answer is simple - the feeling is great.

Probably 95% of the bettors fail to turn over on a daily basis. Everyone can get a lucky shot and wins "the jackpot" with small stake, but then we are all trying to win more and more with bigger and bigger stakes ending up with empty pockets. The reason is because very few bettors are using betting strategies.

At we will provide you with betting strategies which will help you to make profit from gambling. We organize them in categories to be easier for you to understand how they work.

Betting bankroll

Without a proven record of long-term success, any punter should avoid betting more than he can afford to lose. The most sensible approach to safeguard against this is to set aside a bankroll for the purposes of betting, the size of which should not encroach on the need to pay the bills. If this is lost, the punter should consider the possibility that fixed odds sports betting will not, for him at least, offer a suitable investment opportunity.

Single Bet

For decades, bookmakers imposed preposterous restrictions on the availability of single bets, where the punter needs only to back the outcome of one event. Since the explosion of the offshore and Internet fixed odds betting industry, these restrictions have thankfully all but disappeared. Unfortunately, punters fed on the lure of the bigger payouts from multiples and they still place these unfavourable mass bets. For highly successful bettors, it is true that profits can be enhanced, but the risks in seeking them, through the larger overrounds and lower strike rates, will always be greater. Singles on their own can offer quite reasonable rewards without the undue worry of losing the betting bankroll early. A punter’s greed is so often his downfall. Why try to run before you can walk?

Double The Stake

Double the stake strategy is very simple. Key requirements in this strategy is to look for 2.00 odds or more. If you lose your bet you will have to double the stake you played with. If you are able to hold this strategy on the long run you will win your bet. Remember to check out our football predictions before applying this strategy.

How does double the stake strategy work?

Bet.1 - £100 at 2.00 odd. Unfortunetaly you lost your bet. 

This is were double the stake strategy comes in.

Bet.2 - £200 at 2.00 odd. Bad luck, lost again.

Time to double the stakes again.

Bet.3 - £400 2.00 odd. WIN

Calculation shows that we have bet £700 but won £800 and we made £100 as profit.

This strategy can be very useful with the 100% bonus up to £100 from Betfair

Cash Out

Cash Out gives you more control over your bets and allows you to take a return before an event has finished. With this feature you can Cash Out a bet in its entirety or you can partially Cash Out your bet, whilst leaving the remainder of your stake to run.

You no longer have to wait for your bet to reach its natural conclusion, with Cash Out option you have the opportunity to track your selections and Cash Out at a point of your choice.

Should you wish to Cash Out, all you need to do is click on the Cash Out button located below your selection(s). If you choose to Cash Out your entire bet, this amount will be settled and the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the amount returned to your account. If you choose to partially Cash Out your bet, simply enable the Cash Out slider by clicking on the icon to the right of the Cash Out button, select the amount you would like to Cash Out and that amount will be settled. The remainder of your stake will be settled in accordance with the final result relating to your bet.

The amount offered will depend on the performance of your selection(s) and may be higher or lower than your original stake enabling you to guarantee a profit or minimise a potential loss.

Cash Out is available on selected events, fixtures and markets both pre-match and In-Play, on single and multiple bets, for a variety of sports including Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, Cricket and Basketball. The option to partially Cash Out a bet is currently only available for selected single bets and straight accumulator bets and is not currently available for other multiple bet options.